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Military to Civilian Occupation Transition Support


This service is unique and is available only to qualified veterans who present a Members Copy 4 of their DD214, displaying an honorable discharge from any branch of the US Military or reserves service.

These veterans are then granted full access to all services available within the career and military transitions division of Independent Life Project at no additional cost to them with few restrictions.*

Within this service a veteran can expect expert support in finding career options in the civilian sector, assistance with resume conversion to cater to a civilian hiring methodolgy.  Assistnace with adjusting to civilian MO vs military MO.  A counselor will be assigned to you and will remain with you for 6 months even if you find a job before the 6 month period is over.  The goal is to assist not just in finding a new career but also in developing and adjusting to that new career.

*Under the Military to Civilian Occupation Translation Support service offering, the service of business plan drafting, legal filing or registration of business, web development, SEO, SME are provided at a reduced cost but are not included in the $500 Service fee for veterans. The fee is discounted for qualified Veterans by 50% in honor of our Veterans Service and in an effort to get our Veterans reconnected to civilian life with as few stumbling blocks as possible. This program is not available without proper verified documentation of Veteran status.

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